Finding Beauty In the Dissonance

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We just can't blame the seasons

Scuff my shoes and u r dead 2 me


I used to want to show you every single line,
Now it’s hard for me to show you anything I write.
Know that I get nervous when we’re not alone, 
I wait for you for hours when you’re coming home.

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Always reblog. This makes me so happy.

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every boy I meet thinks he’s Charles Bukowski

every boy I meet thinks he’s Charles Bukowski
sauntering with a finely tuned drunken shuffle (though it may be a gait)
meeting my eyes through a fog
of nicotine and dimly lit streets
full of stories about hookers they knew in…


There, There - The Wonder Years

I’m sorry I don’t laugh at the right times.
Is this what it feels like with my wings clipped?
I’m awkward and nervous.
I’m awkward and nervous.

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